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I help elevate brand-consumer relationships by providing polished digital assets, strategic consultation, marketing, creative direction, and UX/UI design. I love helping bridge the gap between business and user needs by designing remarkable experiences.

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Bragglight Barber 

Branding, Design, UX/UI, Marketing

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UX/UI, Digital Design, Marketing


Bragglight Barber 2.0

Branding, Design, UX/UI



UX/UI, Branding

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Bragglights Music

Branding, Digital Design, Marketing


Jenna Herrington

Creative Direction, Marketing, Digital Design


Music Expert App 

UX/UI, Digital Design, Branding


"Jenna is very well versed with working knowledge and experience in the beauty and wellness industry. Working behind the chair enabled her to understand how important marketing is for a booth renter, chair renter, or independent salon professional.  You can see the implementation of this awareness in her marketing portfolio.  She understands the audience, market, environment, and especially the role of the beauty professional. Something that lacks in many marketing campaigns when 3rd party agencies attempt to work with larger beauty affiliated companies."

- Marlene Flores (Social Media Marketing Manager)

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